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Marylou Miles

My career in glass began with an apprenticeship at Artistic Glass Studios in Toronto. While my children were young I lived in High Park, a neighborhood conducive to  stained glass applications, where many of my windows and doors are still in existence to this day

A two year sojourn took me to Tokyo where I demonstrated stained glass to young students at the LycĂ©e Franco-Japonais in English and French, but unfortunately not in Japanese. Returning to North America, I took up residence in Boston where I was introduced to glass blowing at The Diablo Glass School in Roxbury, MA. After countless six week courses, from beginner techniques to advanced color application, I had the opportunity to work as an assistant to Hilary McHugh, one of Diablo’s resident teachers. Hilary introduced me to Snow Farm, the New England Craft Center in Williamsburg, MA where I assisted with beginner classes and took more advanced classes. Many Friday nights were spent with “the team” assisting, blowing and honing our skills at Simple Syrup Studio. Life also afforded me a stay in Sydney, Australia where I learned the beautiful art of glass slumping and painting while apprenticing with Rhondda Retallack, owner of OceanMark Glass.

Returning to my roots in Aylmer, Quebec brings me to Flo Glassblowing, where I continue to pursue my passion alongside owner Melody Jewitt. I presently assist Mel with production work for the gallery, her wedding line and teaching classes.


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