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*nov 2018 – new updated rental terms

Become a regular renter in the hot shop!
With the base glassblowing training of the beginners series 6 and the 4 part secondary series courses (or equivalent), students can sign up to become weekly or bi-weekly renters during off hours in the hotshop.

Important notes:
*There is a mandatory studio safety course and ‘cup’ test that must be scheduled (and passed) before renting.
*Drop-ins are no longer available.  Renters must commit to a ‘plan’ and  become a regular weekly or bi-weekly renter.
*Rental bookings are available at a minimum of 2 hour or more.
*Rental times are only available during non-peak teaching times in the studio.

NEW Rental Plan Choices:
As every renters needs are different, there are varying ways for which people can book their personal rental time at Flo.  To help determine what kind of renter you wish to become you must determine which forms of rental would suit you best.  All renters must select one from each of the three options:
1 – Single bench, Double Bench or Full studio (with glory hole) rental;
2 – Weekly or Biweekly timeslots and;
3 – Fixed or Variable rental times.  Fixed means you have committed to the same time slot in the week every booking. Variable meaning you commit to a minimum amount of hours at varying available times within the month.

Annual Memberships:
These rental plans run from September to June and can be paid in bulk payments, or set up as an automatic withdrawal at the first of each month. You can join at any time, however you must provide first and last months rental upfront in a signed contract.  *Last months rent (June) is non-refundable should something change and you need to cancel out of your contract.

Rental Rates:

Rental Includes:
– All rental plans includes the use of the furnace; bench torch; annealing kilns; up to 15lbs of furnace glass per slot; the pick up kiln; water cooler, student hand tools; student blowpipes and punty’s; a personal cubby and the student polishing wheels (used towards personal pieces made in shop only).
– All double bench and full use rental includes the glory hole and pipe warmer.

Rental does not include:
– Any studio colour; the sandblaster; the drill press or the saw.

Please email [email protected]
for all rental related questions.




  Upon completion of flo’s beginners flameworking course, students are able to rent private flameworking studio time. Experienced flameworkers are welcome.

Monthly block of 10 hours$135+hst (Recieve 10% off!)

Flameworking block rental includes:

  • Use of flameworking equipment, annealing kiln, student tools
  • *does not include use of glass.  Bundled glass packages available for purchase.

Hourly Flameworking Rental – $15+hst /hr
Experienced flame workings welcome!

* All Renters have 3 months to make use of their rental hours, starting on the date of purchase.



Polishing wheel rental: $20/hr
Sandblaster rental: $20/hr

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