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What to bring

what to wear

protective eye wear
If you have safety glasses or sunglasses it’s advised to bring your own. All glassblowing classes require protective eye wear, students who have not brought their own safety glasses will be asked to wear a pair from our fashionable collection.

closed toe footwear
No sandals or flip flops. Comfortable shoes are recommended as you will be on your feet a good portion of the class.

cotton clothing
Lightweight but protective clothing made of natural fibers – No synthetic. Dress in layers, long forearm protection is advised to help against excess heat, additional protective sleeves can be provided upon request.

what to bring

All students of flo glassblowing must sign the Studio Liability Waiver before working in the facility. If you are under 18, in addition, you will require a parent/legal guardian to sign the form.

water bottle
It is important that all students stay hydrated throughout the class. Filtered water is available if you want to reduce on waste. Sugar based drinks (Gatorade/Soft drinks/juices) are also a good suggestion to keep sugar levels up.

Strongly recommended for taking notes and sketching ideas.

Little Italy offers a variety cafes and restaurants for meals, or bring a packed lunch and some snacks to help you through your day.