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Playing online casinos can turn your dream into a real business!

Melody Jewitt had 12 years of experience in glassblowing and she always wanted to be the owner and co-founder of flo - in her mind flo glassblowing  would produce high quality glass objects with a modern flare for business and home. She wanted its designs to be both visually stimulating and functional and each glass item is locally hand made and one-of-a-kind.

But she didn't have the money to carry out her business plan.

One evening Melody was once again searching the Internet for another glass-blowing master class. So she saw a website with canadian online casino reviews and Melody was pleasantly shocked!

Fresh online casino attracted Melody with its big payouts and great variety of online games! So Melody signed up and started playing!

Melody really liked poker in the online casino!

Online poker is one of the most popular games!It's not just a game for people who have two or three hours to waste - it can be played whenever and however long you wish. Once you start playing poker online, you will come across different kinds of players, so here is an overview of these players' types at the table!

After her very first hour at the casino, she got a message from Fresh's customer service: "Congratulations on your winnings! You managed to wager 15.000 times in one hour and we're happy to reimburse you the sum of 7.500 Euros - welcome to our online casino!"

Melody couldn't believe her eyes. She had really won 7.500 Euros after only one hour? This was crazy!

So Melody thought: "Hey, why not get the whole sum of 15000 Euros - free money for my business plan. No problem!"

She hadn't come across any suspicious betting games yet at the online casino, so she continued playing.

In her second hour at the online casino, Melody won 9500 Euros! Excited about this win, she decided to deposit a part of it, although she remembered Fresh's customer service rep saying that bonus winnings can't be cashed in...

As time went on, Melody enjoyed herself more and more at the online casino . She won more and more money there every day! And every time she wanted to withdraw her winnings, she was told that there are no available withdrawals left for this week!

The next morning Melody looked into her account - what a pleasant surprise: new 30 Euros have been deposited there by Fresh's customer service! Upon her question as to why the winnings could not be paid out, she was told that there's a 30 day waiting period for withdrawals...

Then Melody understood: Fresh claimed her as its "partner"! As such, they increased her credit limit and gave her games with higher payout rates! She now had all the money she needed for her glass-blowing business plan!

Melody didn't hesitate long, because she was really in need of money to pay for her small glass-blowing business. So she decided to withdraw 10,000 Euros therefor at the online casino.

Hooray! Now Melody Was really ready to start with her new business.

Melody began by cleaning up her workshop and bought herself some new tools. With the money she still had left over, she started buying glassware of all kinds! Melody was extremely excited about starting her own small business! And she got this business thanks to the game of online poker - Melody and does not think to stop playing, because in her head there are still so many ideas for the development of her enterprise!

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