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Lauretta Peters

Lauretta Peters hails from a small town in rural Saskatchewan. Her quiet farm life allowed her to spend her childhood creating, both in imaginative stories and arts & crafts.

After graduating high school she took on a lamp working apprenticeship with Pixie Glassworks in Edmonton. During her time at the studio Lauretta became transfixed with the flame and started working on her own projects and challenging herself to learn all she could about the glass medium.

After 3 years of torch work Lauretta went on to study at Haliburton School of Art & Design focusing her education around design and hot shop glassblowing. During her time at the college she started her own brand of glasswork under the name Kaura Kreations where she flameworks colourful sculptural pendants and creates intricate geometric pieces inspired by the patterns found in nature.

In the hot shop her focus in her first year has been to learn all forms of colour application, and use her knowledge to recreate paintings and galaxies in glass. She has since started combining her love of torch work with her love of the hot shop to combine sculptural work into her handblown vessels. 

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