Parts 5 & 6: Mastering The Vessel

Building from the foundation of the beginner classes 1-4, students in this 2 session course  will be given two sessions back to back in the hot shop to develop their skills and continue to grow their bubbled forms.

Part 5 focuses on that critical ‘punty’ step. The process of transferring a bubble from one pipe to another will allow you to work from its lip and open the piece to create smaller forms such as dishes and small vases.

Part 6 is the last class of the series and will focus on going BIGGER!

Upon completion of this course students have the opportunity to join the community and become a renter at Flo.


2 x 4 hour classes
Reg $395.00+hst per person
Max 4 students session.
Must be 15 years or older.

Prerequisite: Pt. 4: The Cup

After you have created your glass masterpiece, it must slowly cool in a kiln, and will be ready the next day or, if any polishing is needed, the next week.
Please note that we can only hold your beautiful, unique glass treasures for 90 days in our cubbies. Any items not picked up within 90 days will be removed to make space for other students’ work.

Students under 18 years of age MUST come to class with the Waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.


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