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Become a regular glassblowing renter in the hot shop!
Upon completion of flo’s Beginners Series 6 Classes, students are able to rent private studio time in the hot shop to work on their own. Glassblowers with equivalent experience are welcome. There is a mandatory Studio Safety course that must be scheduled before renting.

Double Bench 10-Hour Rental Blocks: $225+hst
Share the floor and get to know the glory hole.
Must be used with second renter.

Come in with a fellow renter and work side-to-side for cheapest rental rates.  Each renter pays for the time and works independent of each other on their separate bench.  This rate is not to be confused with those coming in with an assistant for their own hot shop time.  If you are the only one renting for furnace time you then would be using standard rental rates.

Standard 10-Hour Rental Blocks: $315+hst
Add $15per hr for use of glory hole

These hours reserve the entire hot shop floor for your production use.
Renters can use hours towards regular weekly or bi-weekly sessions.  These sessions are determined at time of purchase and can be paid for up front or on a monthly basis.

All 10 Hour Hot Shop Rental Blocks Include:

  • Use of furnace, torch, annealing kilns, polishing wheel, student tools, sandblaster, and diamond saw
  • Participation in internal craft shows and exhibits
  • Opportunity to sell work in the student gallery

* All Renters have 3 months to make use of their rental hours, starting on the date of purchase.


Upon completion of flo’s beginners flameworking course, students are able to rent private flameworking studio time. Experienced flameworkers are welcome.

Monthly block of 10 hours $135+hst (Recieve 10% off!)

Flameworking block rental includes:

  • Use of flameworking equipment, annealing kiln, student tools
  • *does not include use of glass.  Bundled glass packages available for purchase.

Hourly Flameworking Rental – $15+hst /hr
Experienced flame workings welcome!

* All Renters have 3 months to make use of their rental hours, starting on the date of purchase.


Polishing wheel rental: $20/hr
Sandblaster rental: $20/hr

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