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Boro Pt. 1: Seaweed Implosion Pendant


Beginner Boro Series
Learn the basics of a variety of solid rod implosion techniques while also working with color applications of glass frit, dots and stringers. Make your art wearable by learning hanging loops and added glass loops. Get creative by using heat and gravity to create different shapes for your pendants like hanging drops, round disks and pulled teardrops!

Part 1: Seaweed Implosion Pendant
Make a beautiful, wearable piece of glass art while learning the basics of flameworking borosilicate glass. Use heat and gravity to implode long tendrils of color in clear glass and twist them into beautiful pendants. You can expect to make at least two pendants in this class. Skills learned in Part 1: Marias, glass shaping & pulling loops.

Max 5 students/class
Prerequisite: The Beginner Bead Series or equivalent approx. 10 hours experience with soft glass. This is an intermediate class. 
Minimum age: 15
Cost: $75.00 per person for this 2.5 hour class
All materials are included.

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