Glass Flower Glassblowing Class

A coveted collectors item and a perfect gift! Make a flower that is both charming and completely unique!

Customize your colours and take turns heating the glass at the furnace. Each student will mash the molten glass and tweeze the petals to their very own glass flower. No experience necessary. Must be 15yrs or older.

1 hour class
Reg $35.00+hst per person

After you have created your glass masterpiece, it must slowly cool in a kiln, and will be ready the next day or, if any polishing is needed, the next week.
Please note that we can only hold your beautiful, unique glass treasures for 90 days in our cubbies. Any items not picked up within 90 days will be removed to make space for other students’ work.

Students under 18 years of age MUST come to class with the Waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.


Nuit Blanche Goblet Video

Here’s a quick video of a goblet being made at our all night glass party on September 22nd during Nuit Blanche Ottawa.

Filmed and edited by glass friend and fellow renter Rick Bond

NUIT BLANCHE – ALL NIGHT – Glass Mayhem at Flo Glassblowing!

The much anticipated Nuit Blanche Arts Crawl is happening this Saturday all night long!

Flo will be open for the occasion offering the wackiest demonstrations we can think of to entertain the masses.

Hot Shop Activities:

6pm-8pm – We’re Cooking with Glass! It’s meet and greet appetizer time! Family friendly hours where we’ll be offering up hotdogs, s’mores and even some fresh popcorn made with the assistance of our furnace and some hot molten glass!

8pm-10pm – A toast to the hour! Detailed demos (with assistance from our students) making blown glass goblets and snifter glasses!

10pm-12am – Till the drop of Midnight! Testing our control with gravity, with students we will be making glass droplets and watering bulbs

12am-2am – Trumpet call! With the help of a large ladder, we’ll be blowing long hollow tubes in hopes of creating a functional glass trumpet horn.

2am-4am – Nuit Blanche glassblown trophy mayhem! Combining as many techniques brainstorm as a group, we’ll be making one final signature piece to celebrate the occasion!

Gladstone Arts friends in different mediums will be joining us all evening offering demonstrations in Ceramics, Find Jewelry and even building Violins!

It’s going to be a fun night! Make sure to pay us a visit! For more NuitBlanche events please visit